Meet Our Directors

Co-Director: Kim has been a barbershopper all her life. As the daughter of PHC founder, Gail Miernicki, and her late dad barbershopper Don, Kim simply grew up in the barbershop world. After years of chorus experience as an excellent baritone, Kim became chorus Director in 1995. Kim is energetic, knowledgeable, friendly and has a natural feel for the barbershop style of harmony.

Co-Director: Logan is the son of Kim and the grandson of Gail Miernicki. Although Logan has always been a great help to the chorus over the years, he only recently began co-directing with Kim toward the end of 2013. Logan has a Bachelor of Music degree from the California State University Long Beach. His focus is to strengthen the chorus by helping each member reach her own goals as a singer and performer.

Founder and Director Emeritus: Gail founded The Pacific Horizon Chorus in 1965.


From Left to Right:

Kim Patrick-Miernicki, Logan Patrick-Miernicki, Gail Miernicki